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Manga Studio Debut is a solution for stunning manga and comics
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Manga Studio Debut 3.0 is a software that is used to create black and white manga and comic art. The software features the ability to import scanned or inked artwork directly for editing and further development. A pen tablet can be used to create natural original sketches using a mouse.

Manga Studio Debut features pens, pencils, brushes and various other selection tools which can be used for editing and creating manga. There are about 80 in-built templates for creating a page or a story. The template can be customized as well. Screen tones can be used to add details to characters and scenes. The debut features about 1800 screen tones. These tones can be simply drag and drop. It has the ability to add, remove and replace the screen tones. Self-made customized tones can also be created. It has a large variety of effects and features. Focus and concentration lines can be used to catch attention. Many transformations are possible and the speed lines can be used to express motion and moods.

The user can draw sketches and ink drawings for creating manga. Details can be added with the ability to customize the tools for shading. Special effects can be added to the manga. The software has the ability to publish the output on the web or for print.

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  • Tools and options to create stylish manga


  • Support for only black and white manga
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